“The G.O.A.T.” LIVE on 207TV

In case you missed it on TV, Spose just performed The G.O.A.T. live on 207TV.  The song will appear on his next album, entitled Why Am I So Happy?.

Watch the performance and following interview below.

Why Am I So Happy? comes out this Friday, July 10th online and at Bull Moose, and will be in stores worldwide on July 24th.

Two songs have been released so far, Alternative Radio and Kanye Go (the latter of which features Dave Gutter of Paranoid Social Club and the Rustic Overtones).




Blow My Candle Out (Official Music Video)

Well, here it is.  The official music video for Blow My Candle Out.  This gem is the first track from The Audacity! and the fourth track from the album to receive an official music video.  Jay Brown (director) definitely delivered in creating a masterpiece to fit a song of the same regard, with Spose portraying himself, as well as Jesus and the Devil.  Watch the official video below.

Background vocals by Kristina Kentigian. Cuts by Jay Caron. Song produced by Principal Dean.

New Spose album in 2015.  Get ready.

#PDANK. #SposeArmy.

(Also, be sure to check out Spose’s Facebook post about the video and what to expect this year.  SPOILER: It’s a lot.)



DIE-HARD Spose fan Nick Stanley is in need of a new van.  Nick’s body has degenerated (due to adult onset spinal muscular atrophy) to the point where he can no eat, breathe, or move on his own.  He receives 24/7 care from his incredible family and a team of amazing nurses, yet is confined to a bed 365 days a year.

Yesterday, Spose performed at Nick’s house for the fourth time.  After the performance, they spent a while talking about Nick’s van, which no longer works.

“Music is the only thing that keeps Nick going and I can see it when I’m rapping, looking at him, and seeing the smile on his face as he mouths all the words. Without his van, Nick can’t get out of his house to go see music or even to get to the hospital.”

– Spose

If you guys have any extra money you could donate to this GoFundMe, PLEASE do.  If you can’t spare any money, spare a minute of your time and share it online, spread it through your office, text the aunt or uncle you haven’t seen since Thanksgiving and let them know!



Here’s Spose’s Facebook post about the fundraiser.

Here’s an article (via the Press Herald) about Nick, his condition, and his relationship with Spose.

Donate below.

“Save Me” (Demo)


“Save Me”

“When we got robbed in St. Louis, I lost all the master files of my new album(s) I was working on. I had already decided that this song “Save Me” wasn’t gonna make the album. I was still gonna have it mixed and used it as a b-side or something but unfortunately when we got robbed, all I was left with was this rough demo of it. I produced the song – played guitars, my analog Korg Sigma synthesizer, sampled a Robert Frost reading Robert Frost vinyl I had bought in Waterville, etc. – and now that the 40-track Logic session is gone, I just can’t ever recreate what I made. So, I’m just gonna put it out as is for you guys to check. Keep in mind it’s a rough demo mp3 version that was left in my email after we got robbed. I also recorded my friend, the super talented Brian Graham of Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds (and Sly Chi) playing sax on this version. Enjoy!!!”

– Spose



Welcome to SposeArmy.org,

the official website for the #SposeArmy.

     The idea for the Spose Army first came about on April 19th, in the web chat on ConcertWindow.com after Spose’s concert at Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME, on April 19th, 2014, during which Preposterously Dank was performed in its entirety.  After the concert ended, a few people remained in the chat, including myself.

     Spose fan Chris Hancock had the idea of a #SposeArmy trend on Twitter on April 20th, so Chris, myself, Meagan Garland & Steve Grandstaff – who are both admins along with myself on SposeArmy.org – and many more people kept tweeting the hashtag.

     On April 24th, the 2014 PDank Cypher was released on YouTube.  I decided to bring the Spose Army up to the next level.  I created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for Spose Army.

     Originally, Spose Army was a promotion account for Spose’s music and concerts.  In the end of June and beginning of July, we held the Spose Army Vinyl contest, where we gave away two signed copies of Preposterously Dank on vinyl.

     Then, the robbery happened.  October 20th, 2014 came around and Spose, Chad, Chan and Jay were robbed in St. Louis on the Ghost Hunter Tour with MC Lars and mc chris.  As I was reading through the comments on Spose’s Facebook explaining what happened, I saw numerous people expressing the opinion that we should create a Kickstarter or GoFundMe to try and raise some money to help Spose replace the physical materials he lost.  I never thought we were going to raise more than a hundred dollars or so, and when I woke up the next day seeing that we had raised over $5,000, I was in awe.

The fundraiser ended with the public release of this website.  In the end, $18,420 was raised for Spose through the fundraiser.

     During the fundraiser, I was approached by Dustin (an admin here on SposeArmy.org) about the creation of a Spose Army website.  We decided that instead of only having social media accounts where people could talk about Spose Army, it would be a good idea to have a central hub.  Hence, SposeArmy.org.

Once again, welcome.